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We are pleased to offer the exceptional range of products from Trinnov Audio, including the industry reference Altitude 32 processor.

Trinnov Altitude32 Audio Processor

Trinnov Altitude32

The best AV preamp for 3D luxury home theaters, thanks to its hardware platform that integrates the latest 3D audio and loudspeaker/room optimization technologies. Enjoy the immersive experience of the best movie theaters.

At the heart of this new generation of processor is a new approach to Digital Signal Processing, based on a revolutionary hardware architecture, highly scalable and easy to upgrade. Rather than using multiple DSP implemented in a complex and rigid architecture, Trinnov Audio has developed a multi-purpose processing platform, based on a single multi-core Intel processor to provide unrivaled processing capacities.

The Altitude32 is a scalable easy-to-upgrade solution. The entry model supports the latest HD Audio and Video formats while the highest model with 3D audio decoding option decodes and delivers up to 32 discrete channels of immersive audio content at an unprece­dented level of quality, for whole new listening experience, leaving competition far behind.

For full details and speficications, please click here to download the manual.

Trinnov Altitude16 Audio Processor

Trinnov Altitude16

Following in the tradition of the groundbreaking Altitude32 processor, the Altitude16 brings Trinnov's award-winning Speaker/Room Optimizer technology, immersive audio capabilities, active crossovers, and unmatched bass management flexibility to a new, slightly smaller form factor with tremendous value.

The Altitude16 can render up to 16 discrete channels of information and comes equipped with Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X immersive audio decoders, it supports up to 16 outputs and natively processes high-resolution 24/96 audio, offering four-way active crossovers and no limitation in terms of subwoofer outputs.

The Altitude16 comes with our own set-up software that facilitates the installation procedures for integrators. It guides them through a step-by-step process that defines how to best use available inputs and output channels as well as the desired speaker layouts. This new 'wizard' greatly simplifies the initial set up procedure and calibration process.

For full details and speficications, please click here to download the manual.

Trinnov Amplitude8 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

Trinnov Amplitude8

Integrating seamlessly with the Altitude32 A/V preamp, both visually and technically, the Amplitude8 uses two linear power supplies based on heavy-duty toroidal power transformers, this allows for a powerful three-dimensional soundstage huge dynamic range and bass impact only found in the best commercial theaters.

The two linear power supplies based on heavy-duty toroidal power transformers allow every module of the Amplitude8 to deliver 225W into 8 ohms, 375W into 4 ohms and 500W into 2 ohms. The amplification stage of the Amplitude8 also features the industry's lowest distortion and noise specifications, and its performance is frequency-independent.

1 Balanced (XLR) per channel on each module.v INPUT IMPEDANCE:
47 kOhms, each phase.
6.15V RMS balanced input (+18dBu) for 225W into 8 ohms.GAIN 19.2dB.
Pin-2 = Positive, Pin-3 = Negative for Non-Inverting Output.
CONNECTORS: One balanced output with 5-way binding posts per channel.
8 ohms: 225W RMS per channel with less than 0.05% THD from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
4 ohms: 375W RMS per channel with less than 0.05% THD from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
2 ohms: 500W RMS per channel with less than 0.05% THD from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Frequency Response:
+-0.5Db From 0Hz To 20 Khz, Load Independent
Damping Factor:
> 6000 At 100 Hz; > 2000 At Any Frequency Up To And Including 20 Khz
Signal To Noise Ratio:
125Db Referenced To Rated Output (A-Weighted)
Crosstalk :85 Db
Power requirements:
117V AC, 15A Slo Blo main fuse; 230V AC 8A Slo Blo main fuse; 50/60 Hz
Power consumptions:
less than 1W at Standby; less than 80W at idle; 1500W maximum by 2 when fully loaded
Trigger input:
5 to 12V DC; Steady State.
(W x H x D) 443 x 186,5 x 502 mm

Trinnov Amplitude8m Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

Trinnov Amplitude8m

The perfect companion to the Altitude16 and made with the most demanding users in mind, our new 8 channel amplifier brings intelligent power and pristine audio quality at a sensitive price point without any compromise in terms of design and build quality.

The Industry's lowest-distortion and noise specifications: the importance of this trait cannot be over-estimated in a theater that may have twenty or thirty speakers in a single room. If each of those speakers were producing even a small amount of noise, it would rapidly become noticeable and unacceptable. This scenario never arises with the Amplitude8m. Our amplifiers use microprocessor control for turn-on delay and feature an automatic AC power recognition and configuration system. The amplifiers not only recognize whether they are hooked up to 117V or 230V nominal power, they automatically self-configure.

The Amplitude8m incorporate a new 'sleep' circuit. When the amplifier stays idle for a period of more than 10 minutes, power is removed from the output modules and a front-panel LED begins to flash. As soon as an input signal is detected again on any channel, normal playback operation resumes instantaneously.

Crosstalk: lower than -90dB.
Gain: 19dB - Test window is 18.6 to 19.6dB, center is 19.1dB.
Frequency response: +0 , -0.5dB 20-20kHz Power Output: 200 Watts RMS x 8 20-20kHz 0.05% THD+N 8O. 300W X4 into 4O.
Microprocessor: control for turn-on delay
Automatic: AC Voltage recognition and configuration
200 RMS/Channel: @ 8O on 8 Ch and 300 RMS/Channel @ 4O on any 4 Ch
Hypex N-Core: NC-500 Class D amplifier modules
Intermodulation Distortion: Less than 0.05%
Signal to noise ratio: -120 dB referenced to rated output.
Frequency Response: +0, -.5 dB, 5 Hz to 20kHz, load independent
Power Requirement: min/max VAC / fuse: 117V AC (100V-132V) or 230V (200V-260V); 50/60 Hz Automatically selects proper voltage - 20 Amp fuse for 120V, 12.5 Amp fuse for 230V.
Power Consumption: standby / idle /fully loaded: Less than 0.5W Standby. 80W Idle. 40W Sleep (no audio for 10 minutes). Full power (1kHz into 8ohms @ 200W) 2500VA, 2000W.

Weight: lbs / kg: 65½ - 29.8kg
Dimensions: 17" x 5 7/8" x 15 1/2" (432 mm x 150 mm x 394 mm)

Trinnov Altitude48ext

Trinnov Altitude48ext

Thanks to Altitude32's unique hardware conception, Trinnov's engineering has been able to find a solution to output even more discrete channels from the already state-of-the-art Altitude32, expanding the count to 48 real discrete channels by using its 32 analog outputs and its 16 AES outputs simultaneously.

It will allow - for the first time - users to experience the full Home Atmos experience with its 24.1.10 layout, while still allowing more possibilities in term of bass management or multi-amping and remapping. However, that solution requires an AES multi-channel High-end DAC that could compete with Altitude's own renowned DAC: Trinnov's solution to that problem is Trinnov Altitude48ext.

Based on Magnitude32, the Altitude48ext includes 16 channels of AES/EBU inputs and 32 channels of analog outputs using the same DAC used in the Altitude32, ensuring perfect coherence in the final rendering. But the Altitude48ext is not just a DAC; it is a fully capable Trinnov unit with processing power to perform tasks such as calibrated crossovers, bass management, and both third-octave and FIR EQ.

The standard version of the Altitude16 natively decodes Dolby Digital Plus®, Dolby TrueHD®, DTS Digital Surround® and DTS-HD Master Audio® It also includes all immersive codecs by default so you can experience a new world of immersive sound with the latest technologies by Dolby Laboratories®, DTS Inc®, and Auro Technologies®.

Trinnov Magnitude32 Multi-Channel Processor

Trinnov Magnitude32

The most powerful multi-channel processor on the market

When considered in the first steps of a dedicated home cinema room design, the magnitude32 becomes an excellent partner to achieve the best performance, regardless of the installation complexity. Your sound system could never be so close to perfection.

Individual driver and system measurements are acquired and analyzed, including the impulse response, delays, and gains of every driver. The Optimizer's calibration engine computes the ideal filters, finding the best compromise to improve flatness, directivity, and attack in the overlapping frequency regions.

Trinnov combines automatic processes with flexible fine-tuning tools that allow the sound system designer to reach the best results while making the whole process easier and faster. 8 customizable Profiles allow to mix up different parameters independently from any of the 29 existing users presets.

MG32-88 configurations allow for 8 simultaneous I/O and 8 processing channels. Optional ADA4 and DA8 expansion boards can be added to provide up to 16 Inputs and 32 Outputs channels. While the first 8 channels are available through XLR connectors, channels 1-32 are also provided in a SubD25 standard Tascam format, facilitating cable synoptic drawings.

Comprehensive 64 bits floating point processing tools are included in standard on each processor platform: Routing and Mixing Matrixes, Manual FIR filters, Parametric EQs, Graphic EQs, gains, trims, RMS meters, manual delays, Bass Management, 4-way active crossovers, inputs formats, noise generators, Polarity Control, upmix matrices, DRC controller, advanced XML programming.

Thanks to the 3D measurement capabilities of our microphone, each speaker's actual placement can precisely be localized in the room regarding distance, azimuth, and elevation. Knowing the intended placement of various sounds within the soundtrack (since we decoded it), we can then 'remap' the sound objects from the theory of the soundtrack to the reality of your particular room, using the closest two or three speakers to create a phantom image of the sound where it should be. While 2D remapping deals mainly with the horizontal plane, 3D remapping will manage both azimuths and elevations.

Trinnov provides the most sophisticated solution on the market when it comes to managing low frequencies. With our intermediate bass management system you can, of course, specify how one or more subwoofers will reproduce the lower part of the spectrum for each channel. But it goes further: it even allows you to bass manage the low frequencies of a small speaker to the closest, more-capable speaker. It gives you complete control over crossover frequencies, filter type, slope, and even where the redirected bass will be reproduced.

Trinnov Amethyst Stereo Preamplifier

Trinnov Amethyst

The Amethyst flagship stereo preamplifier is a remarkable combination of advanced technologies.

Like all Trinnov products it delivers an unrivaled level of accuracy regarding processing to maintain the highest possible audio quality throughout the signal path. While regular DSP-based platform would immediately down-sample high-resolution audio material, our platform process audio up to 192 kHz.

Furthermore, the 64 bits floating-point processing section increases the accuracy of all calculation spectacularly to guarantee true signal integrity with a resolution greater than 320dB. This processing headroom allows us to perform digital volume control without any loss of resolution.

The Amethyst includes an 11-source preamplifier with built-in Speaker/Room Optimizer, Trinnov's innovative HybriD Phono Preamp, a Network Renderer, a 24 bit/192kHz DA Converter and a 2-way intelligent, active crossover engine. It also features built-in Wifi connectivity for simplified operations making it the perfect centerpiece of any traditional or modern Hifi Installation.

For full details and speficications, please click here to download the manual.

Trinnov ST2-HiFi Digital Room Correction

Trinnov ST2-HiFi

Typical rooms introduce up to 10dB of distortion in the frequency response. Furthermore, loudspeakers with a perfect impulse response don't exist. The Trinnov's ST2-HiFi solves this acoustic equation. It takes your high-end system to a whole new level of accuracy, from high-fidelity to acoustic-fidelity.

Insert the system between your pre-amplifier and the amplifiers, then connect the microphone. Run the step-by-step calibration wizard. Select one of the 5 automatically generated compensations. Change the target curves and other optimization parameters. Store up to 6 customizable profiles and 29 user-defined presets.

Multi-point measurements of all loudspeakers
Time-frequency analysis: the loudspeaker and the room are separately equalized
Automatic optimization of amplitude and phase response according to Target Curves
Intelligent active crossovers: automatic alignment of delays and gains for every driver

Comprehensive acoustical graphs
Optimization parameters: maximum boost, maximum attenuation
Manual FIR, parametric and graphic EQs

From any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android phone (from a VNC client app, through the network)
Using an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard
Real-time control of the processor

For full details and speficications, please click here to download the manual.

Trinnov Ovation2 Digital Cinema Audio Processor

Trinnov Ovation2

Introduced in 2013, Ovation has changed the way technicians calibrate cinema sound over the sound paradigm of Time / Phase / Frequency. The Ovation2 retains all the significant benefits of its predecessor while introducing futuristic enhancements to push the boundaries of cinema sound once again.

Tactile Screens: Trinnov redesigned the front panel around 2 touch screens, offering cinema technicians and integrator much better ergonomic and a more modern user experience.

Re-designed power supply: At the heart of Ovation2, is a brand new power supply designed with the highest requirements in mind to offer better overall performance and stability in compliance with the world most demanding specs and certifications.

Step by step 'Wizard': A new step by step wizard is now available allowing for much broader configuration choices over an intuitive guided process. Connection to the Ovation has been improved with a web interface as well as the VNC client, no external software needed.

Digital & Analog Outputs: The new Ovation 16/16 version proposes up to 16 channels AES outputs mirroring its analog outputs. With this feature, you are now able to use an amplifier with digital inputs as well as analog inputs.

For full details and speficications, please click here to download the brochure.

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